Located In Rocky Mountain Park a .9 Trail to this fishing hole scenery is an easy trail with no major inclines and plenty of scenery.

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A Easy To Adventurous lake loop hike with options
Sprague Lake, RMNP, Colorado

The Drive From Denver:

Located In RMNP you can enter from Estes Park Or Grand Lake on each end of the park. The amazing scenery experience through either way you travel is usually depending on the weather since you would go over trail ridge road from the grand lake entrance.  

Before you leave for your hiking adventure, make sure you have proper hiking shoes, sunscreen, plenty of drinking water, and you may as well pack some snacks or a lunch. Bathrooms will be available. Dogs are also welcome, but they must be kept on a leash. 

Optional trails Like East Portal Trail

The East Portal Trail: A Super Fun Hike To The Stunning Sprague Lake

The East Portal Trail offers a moderate-level hike initiating in the Estes Park. 

It covers a total of 6.3 miles along the Emerald Mountain – quite long, yes! But the Sprague Lake is situated at the center (which also happens to be the peak) of the trail, meaning you can reach it after a 3-mile hike.

Reaching Sprague Lake means you’ll have to go against gravity for an elevation of 8,688 feet. 

If you decide to continue the hike till the end of the trail, it’ll be relatively easier as the other half requires only descent. But it can get challenging to stay steady on the rocky track, so you better watch your step (and perhaps carry a hiking pole along).

The Loop-Hike Around Sprague Lake :

Once you reach Sprague lake, you can take the 0.9-mile, easy loop-hike around it, which won’t take you more than an hour.

With a minor elevation of 8,690 feet, it offers pristine views of mountains, glaciers, and aspen groves. 

If you have the time and energy for another short and leveled hike on a gravel surface, the Sprague Lake loop is a great option. Plus, you can expect to have a bunch of photos for your Instagram as you end the hike – it’s a  beautiful one!

The Lovely Landscapes You’ll Witness

The trail to Sprague Lake is long, but you know what that means – you’ll get to witness heaps of scenic views and stunning structures. Here are a few you can expect to see:

  • Fascinating vistas of the mountain Estes Cone
  • Lime green aspen trees, Christmas trees, and towering pines
  • A body of water called Boulder Brook
  • Deer, squirrels, chipmunks – in short, loads of wilderness

Fun Facts About Sprague Lake

The Sprague Lake (located at a 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Denver) and its trail are accessible year-round.

  • The lake itself is a popular fishery – you can expect to catch some good trout!
  • If you go early, you can enjoy some moments in seclusion and catch a mesmerizing sunrise with moose and their calves.

But remember that your four-legged companions aren’t allowed to accompany you on your hike – quite a bummer!

Ready To Hike?

f you’re someone who seeks some fun and adventure, it’s about time you pack your bags and head to Sprague Lake via the East Portal Trail – Happy hiking!

Where To learn More:

You can purchase a year or day pass and visit the whole park by visiting Colorado Parks and wildlife  

You Can also see what others are saying by visiting AllTrails. 

You will see other reviews and photos and able to print out a map before heading there. 

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