Raccoon Loop Trail

Located In Golden State Canyon State Park an easy 2.5-mile loop trail from Panarorama Point trailhead to reverend ridge campground trailhead.

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Racoon trail, Golden Gate Canyon Park

The Drive From Denver:

A 45-minute drive from Denver, you will find Racoon Trail located in Golden Gate Canyon Park. The trip consists of unique places to stop and see lakes, streams, and amazing views! There are currently 12 trails with over 35 miles worth exploring within this park where trees like magnolias or aspens stand out against the cold earthy hue they provide, while blue spruces offer shade here.

This park has 12 trails that offer something different in terms of scenery, so if one sounds interesting, Keep Going! Regarding how long an adventure lasts?- from ten minutes through 5+ hours depending on preference (and energy).

Raccoon loop trail
Raccoon loop trail top of mountain
Gold Canyon State Park

The Trail To Raccoon Loop Trail:

One of the most accessible trails to get there and is also ADA compliant. The well-traveled path features signs showing history on the mining population, old structures, and it!
A perfect day trip for anyone looking forward to escaping from city life or needing some time outdoors in nature’s beauty–this is a fantastic spot filled will include aspen trees that hang low across wide-open spaces providing shade under thickets where wildflowers grow among rocks hidden by their branches despite being so close together you can touch them without even needing hands planted deeply into the soil.

The trail to the raccoon loop trail has multiple places for parking access from panorama point and Reverend Ridge Campground and It is best to arrive early. The trail is a hidden gem that doesn’t feel crowded. You’ll go miles without seeing anyone else but deer and moose, which live in Golden Canyon State Park!

Where To learn More:

You can purchase a year or day pass and visit the whole park by visiting Colorado Parks and wildlife  

You Can also see what others are saying by visiting AllTrails. 

You will see other reviews and photos and able to print out a map before heading there. 

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