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The U.S. Highway 50-The loneliest Highway in America

Embark on a journey along US 50, where solitude is not just a state of being but a companion on the road less traveled. Discover hidden treasures in quaint towns like Ely, Austin, and Fallon, each a testament to resilience against the vast canvas of the American West. Let the rugged reliability of your vehicle match the spirit of exploration as you embrace moments of introspection and connection with the land. US 50 isn’t just a highway; it’s a pathway to rediscover the essence of being and the untold stories that unfold amidst the solitude of the Loneliest Highway.

Dude’s Fishing Hole

Dudes Fishing Hole is a great spot for hiking in Golden Canyon State Park, Colorado. The trail is short and easy to follow, making it a great choice for families or those looking for a leisurely hike.

Hanging lake in Colorado, unique natural wonders in bright colors

Hanging Lake

Want to catch stunning views of the Maroon Bells? Dig into this blog for four fun hikes leading to great vantage points!

golden canyon state park

What To Expect In Golden Canyon State Park In Golden Colorado? Golden Canyon State Park is an underrated hiking destination in Colorado. The park’s 15

Raccoon Loop Trail

Raccoon Loop Trail Located In Golden State Canyon State Park, Golden Colorado an easy 2.5-mile loop trail from Panarorama Point trailhead to reverend ridge campground

Sprague Lake bridge over water

Sprague Lake

Looking for a fun hike to Sprague Lake? Here’s an adventurous option to choose, plus details on the Sprague Lake loop-hike!